With climate change issues plaguing the world, several parts of the country are facing a shortage of water. Water from dams and reservoirs does not last us from one monsoon to the next. Ground water resources are therefore becoming increasingly important. A water pump is a device designed to draw groundwater onto the surface so that it can be used for domestic, agricultural, as well as industrial purposes.

There are two basic types of water pumps depending upon their use: Domestic Water Pumps and Agricultural Water Pumps. Domestic pumps are used to draw water for domestic purposes. They supply water to homes. These pumps are less powerful and supply water at a low force.

Agricultural pumps, on the other hand, are a primary source of irrigation in rural areas. These pumps are used to irrigate agricultural land for crop production. An efficient and responsive pump is the heart of an effective irrigation system. Hochstatter Electric, Heating, and Air can tailor a pump station to your irrigation needs.

In addition, we provide 24/7 emergency service, we understand the importance of your home’s water source, and/or agricultural source, and will quickly and efficiently to bring things back to properly working operation!